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Gentle Touch Dental Hygiene Now Offers Oraqix!

Oraqix is a "needle-free dental anesthesia". Oraqix is applied topically with a special applicator for the treatment of scaling and root planing (deep cleaning). 

It works very well for "numbing" your gums. Oraqix (like all topical anesthetics) only numbs soft tissues. 

Oraqix also seems to work for sensitivity during dental cleanings due to sensitive teeth. The most common cause of sensitive teeth is that the enamel (the outermost part of the tooth) has worn away and that the next layer (the dentin) is exposed. The dentin is made up of thousands of microscopic passageways that lead to the tooth's nerve center. So when your teeth come in contact with something cold, hot or sweet, the tubules carry the sensation to the tooth's nerves and can cause pain. 

We have had great success in treating our clients who have a history of pain and/or sensitivity during their dental cleanings with Oraqix. There are many benefits....the effect lasts only 20 minutes which allows clients to leave the office without feeling that profound "freezing" sensation that you would experience after dental treatment. Your dental cleanings can now be painless which will allow you to feel more comfortable during your appointment! 

The use of Oraqix is a complimentary service provided by Gentle Touch Dental Hygiene Services.

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