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Custom Fit Sports Mouth Guards

As dental hygienists, we would like to increase awareness among our clients and the public on the importance of wearing custom fit sports mouth guards. 

For those who participate in competitive or non-competitive sports, wearing a custom fit sports mouth guard is a must!

Reasons why you should wear a mouth guard:

  1. To help prevent you teeth from getting "knocked out".
  2. It will prevent you from biting your tongue, lip or cheek.
  3. It can prevent a concussion if you suffer a blow to the jaw or chin.
  4. It can prevent cuts, bruising and neck injuries.
  5. There are different types of sports mouth guards available.


These guards are usually ready made and have limited sizes-small, medium or large. Stock mouth guards are made of rubber, they usually do not fit well, and they lack retention which makes it difficult to talk or breathe. They are the least expensive and the least protective. 

Boil and Bite

Once heated in boiling water, you form it in your mouth by using your finger, tongue and biting pressure. They generally do not cover all the back teeth (molars). Many athletes will cut and alter these bulky, ill-fitting mouth guards due to poor fit, poor retention and gagging effects. 

Once altered, it further reduces the protective properties of these guards.Stock and Boil and Bite mouth guards generally lack quality and durability, therefore, they need to be replaced quite frequently. 

Custom Fit Sports Mouth Guards

Made precisely for your teeth and mouth and supplied by your dental hygienist or other dental professional. These mouth guards adapt well to the teeth, have great retention and are generally comfortable. They interfere the least with speaking and breathing. 

Our custom fit sports mouth guards come in a variety of colors to choose from—you choose your color!